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This sheds a different light on things.
Yes this is a good bit of information. I do not understand the whole connection well but I do believe that this might be the begging part of the Quran. You see our scripture are very unique because it is perfect and one part is not contradictory to the other. With the Quran if you have a later text it will super seed the earlier text. So I do understand that the more rigid and violet are quoted at the back of the book. I have read through the Quran glimpse through the scriptures and have notice the loving and peaceful part is in the beginning. Lot of their text actually supports the scriptures. It is the subtle differences that change the nature. I would never question the devotion and spirituality of the followers that they do have full roots in the beginning. My questions which is something I will have to answer for myself and re-read. from what I understand it is the back of the Quran with the Mahadi I believe their saviour that they follow reigns for the seven years then it is done. Ours finishes it when theirs ends. This would point to me that they might be a raised up army that will help complete scripture. They are a very committed heart the fulfilment of the Quran. Again the first half is quite peaceful and supportive. It that last half and if they are a raised up army it would mean that they will be partly responsible for ushering in the Anti-Christ. Many USA Christians and adding Qurans to they church pews as a additional text because that peaceful and similar part. I feel this is done in ignorance that the Muslims will read their scripture like ours. You see theirs was written after our text so with this simple mindset it would make theirs more valid because it came after. The best way to see who the people worship is their festivals. The festivals that involve cutting and stuff are not of Torah. I also understand that there is a appointed time where in the end when they will be allowed to kill the blasphemers. It's is not that they don't believe they should not kill it just not the appointed time yet. At that time even the most peaceful one will be in his given time to stand up to the blasphemers. What I understood is that they are mad at the Taliban and insurgents because they are not waiting for that time frame. Well I have herd they do believe we are in the end times. I do believe that this peaceful time will show to be the army that was raised up against Israel.

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