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Are you ready for what is coming and have you given your heart to YHWH or are you playing Jewish Church? If so this will not save us.

People in the body of Messiah are cold and falling away fast. 

Why be frightened to keep grounded on the basic fundamental principles of our faith, like being honest with each other and general loving kindness without the superficial garbage.

Fear has emerged victorious in the life of so many of the brethren and the a lack of transparency, and accountability.   
Lets get real.

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S-a-tan is busy because he knows time is short, and the more people being awakened by Moshiach, the more squabbling and division there seems to be with 'Messianics'. I have been guilty of this and repent. Seek Him while he may be found. Love YHWH and your neighbour. A timely message, thanks Brother. Shalom.

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