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Batman: The Telltale Series Tamil Dubbed Movie Torrent

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Original Title: Batman: The Telltale Series

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Sci-Fi,Thriller
















































Follows Bruce Wayne as he tries to juggle being the Billionaire and owner of Wayne Enterprises, with the masked vigilante Batman.
Mysterious allegations about the Wayne family legacy begin to surface threatening Bruce Wayne's reputation while Batman squares off against a militant group of criminals dedicated to exposing the corruption in Gotham City through any means necessary.
Trigger Warning(s) Blood | Gore | Sound of Snapping Bones | Violence Against Women | Internal Organs


You want to be a hero, you want to clean the streets. A lot of the signs all point toward Falcone as the reason things went to hell. Oswald tells you this, the way Harvey speaks it is like this man has his hands in everything and one tug of a string and everything comes apart. But how can one man nearly rule a city? It is with the help of a corrupt mayor, maybe just the right amount of intimidation, or could it be Thomas and Martha Wayne? There are many battles in Realm of Shadows and while you think they will simply be against the likes of Catwoman and Falcone, it seems between old friends and what you once believed, what is going to leave Bruce scared, bruised, and unable to stand maybe those who helped him become the person he is.


Batman is rich enough to have all of the gadgetry a person's mind can come up with, he has the privilege of fighting crime at night and being able to nurse his wounds, in his hands he, one man, can possibly change the fate of Gotham. You get to assume all this. To me, when it comes to these ancient heroes, those of which premiered almost a century ago, there are very few stories left to tell. Even with TV shows, movies, new takes on different characters, there are very few ways to keep these cash cows fresh. However, taking control, really taking control, and not just beating up bad guys, this is what TellTale Games gives you.

Within the episode, you are given control of both Bruce Wayne and the Batman. You get to do the investigative work which we experienced in Arkham Asylum, you get to beat up minions like within that game too, but also you get to handle the man himself. This rarity, being Bruce Wayne, is the highlight of the game. To make decisions as he tries to assist Harvey's campaign, as his family name comes under attack, and you realize small decisions aren't helping matters, it reminds you why TellTale is slowly building up as many licensed properties as the late THQ once had. The difference being, there is thought put into their games and there is more than simply a cash grab.

Low Points

Perhaps the sole problem of the TellTale formula is that while the dialog choices and interactions between characters, keep you on your toes, quick time events remain something you almost feel indifferent about. Granted, in the moment you are trying to press whatever button, or a combination of buttons, to not get your behind whooped, but most of the time a missed button or opportunity seems inconsequential. So you got hit, so you didn't hit them? What's the point? Well, the problem is, you feel that with the power to be Bruce Wayne, to try to maintain the facade, you should have more say on how Batman affects your ability to put do so.

In one instance, after a fight with Catwoman, you return home and must host a party in your home. Blood on the collar is noticed and you must come up with an excuse. A part of me feels that as you try to save Gotham this should conflict with saving the Wayne family name. Blood, bodies being sent to the hospital, Catwoman knowing your true identity. There are so many potential threats to the balance but I don't think, at least in episode one, we are given enough opportunity to balance the commitments of both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Here is hoping future episodes change that. A strong story line which focuses not only on the agile vigilante Batman but revolves around a wonderfully portrayed biography of Bruce Wayne. Mind blowing graphics authenticated with a neat display of voice acting by the cast and a great continuity makes this a real treat - to keep playing; ... and to sink deeper and deeper into this incredible story-line. Truly a must play by TELLTALE. Hats off!!!


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