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Bejeweled Deluxe Free Download Key Serial Number

Bejeweled Deluxe Free Download Key Serial Number

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Title: Bejeweled Deluxe
Genre: Casual
PopCap Games, Inc.
PopCap Games, Inc.
Release Date: 30 Aug, 2006


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This is a monotonous clicker that really belongs on a table app store, rather than on Steam...

I really feel like Steam started selling out when games like this hit its platform. Not surprising, we now see randomly accepted games, which are actually more like school projects and asset rips!

This is a game for wasting time, but not something I think is worth investing much into!. The game is good and simple and the music tracks by Skaven are excellent as they always were.
I played this very often many years ago. But nowadays Bejeweled 3 is better somehow.

Good thing in 1 is: You play per turn to advance levels you can actually lose. In 3 there is an algorithm that drops matching diamonds all the time so you cannot lose even if you intentionally play like an idiot.

But if you lose or not is very very random. You can lose after the first turn because there are no more moves and then the game is over.

The game should be 49 cent all the time. PopCap should pull the big money out of this. Or make it free as an introduction to 2 or 3.

So, I cannot recommend it. But the game is too good, to give it a bad rating... ^^
Nevertheless I refunded it. 3 is better somehow.. Never has a pattern matching game been so satisfying. From the smooth action of the pieces to the chunky sound effects when you make connections, this is a game it's easy to spend hours on. Or, just ten minutes when you want something to play. Not every game has to be a 60-hour epic. Whilst a lot of casual games are trite and only out to rob you via microtransactions, Bejeweled keeps it simple.

There have been many sequels, variants and additions to the series and in fact you don't seem to be able to buy the original direct from PopCap any more. I don't know why; the first is just fine as it is. Why try and improve upon it? It's like trying to improve upon Tetris. Sure, some are enjoyable and you can heap on the fancy graphics and gameplay twists, but it's the core idea which makes it work, not the frills.

I just wish it had a Linux port, that's all.... Perfect game to play while watching a video at the same time.. Bejeweled is a classic game that never stops making you come back for more. Each Bejeweled is practically the same and delivers the same amount of fun in each. The goal of the game is to switch around a certain amount of jewels to put together a series of 3 or more in a line to make that line or set disappear. The graphics are perfect for the game. The sounds in the game can feel repetitive at times. The overall gameplay of the game is awesome and really burns some time for when you have time to spare. There are endless stages it feels like. Each level of the bejeweled series has its own tricks and treats for you to enjoy. I highly recommend playing these and getting any of these great Bejeweled games when you have a chance. I love playing them and these are highly recommended for anyone working in the office or at home. I love this series and i know you will too!!. If you're into simple matching games then this game is for you!. Such a classic game! :D. It might not be the first match-3, but this is definitely the game that started a massive craze. It's pretty easy to see why, right? It's GOOD at what it does. Unfortunately, it hasn't really held up to the test of time and competition. Want engaging gameplay? Try Puzzle Quest. Want addictive, fast gameplay? Try Candy Crush Saga. Want your friends to look at you a little funny when you boot up a game at 3am? Try HuniePop. Hell, if you want Bejeweled, snag Bejeweled 3. Just pass this up if it's not on sale.

Kari's pro tip: Try setting up the largest combo you can. It isn't really necessary, but it gives a bit of a challenge to work towards in what is otherwise only a basic match-3 system.. It's Bejeweled. Everyone plays Bejeweled. It is like Tetris. You just waste time with it.

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