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About This Game

People have abandoned the Earth... only a little cute robot stayed on the planet. An old rocket is broken, so he is meant to be alone forever... Stop! You can help him. Collect minerals for the rocket repair and save the robot.

The robot pulls cubes out of the ground, fractures them to receive minerals. He needs them to evacuate from the planet. Each next cube is harder to fracture than the previous one; however, you can receive more and more minerals, including rare ones.


  • More that 20 technologies for the rocket and robot's upgrade.
  • 50 different levels with unique cube features.
  • 20 types of physically replicated minerals and metals.
  • Physically true drilling.


Title: Dig to the Stars
Genre: Indie, Strategy
Joystick Knights
Joystick Knights
Release Date: 31 Jan, 2019

English,German,Simplified Chinese,Russian

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I was half enjoying cutting rocks up with a laser, then my progress was halted by an insurmountable, game-breaking design flaw.
There is no way to upgrade your robot to be able to mine radiated caverns without GOING BELOW THOSE CAVERNS.
So yeah, don't buy this.
Also, the dev changed names to distance themselves from their other games but left the bundle of those games on their store? I don't get it either.\/watch?v=7_rVPXP4wzg\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=7_rVPXP4wzg<\/a>. As Mr. Jacobs said before me, after only 20 ish levels you're unable to proceed because you're missing a mineral you need for a radiation resistance upgrade, which you need earlier than you can get said mineral.

I really liked the idea of the game when I saw it a good week ago, so I bought this upon release and tried it today.

The game is cute and feels okay to play, but there are just so many flaws and pointless mechanics that make it not worth playing.
- For starters, it's poorly translated from whatever language (or the dev just really knows that little English).
- When mining a cube, pieces break off of it with momentum, sometimes towards your robot which then hurt it - with no obvious mechanism to avoid this.
- Upgrades have no description so you just have to guess what it does.
- A very limited "mission inventory" of 2 different minerals per level (with the option to upgrade later on, where you can't get to because read first line of the review), although there are far more minerals in each cube.
- A seemingly pointless mechanism to pick each chunk of minerals up with a mouse click, even when you "decided" on two minerals that you want to mine.

Overall it seems to me the dev did not put any effort into optimizing this game at all, it feels roughly put together and released in hopes of making easy money off its customers.

If they work on these obvious and probably easy to fix problems, this game might be worth its price.
For now, don't buy.

Dig to the Stars will be available soon!:
You are going to dig, dig and dig again...also fracture cubes to receive minerals for the rocket start. Sound boring? That is not true. Only in the beginning cubes are easy to fracture, then it is getting difficult to do it, so you should try harder. You will do it all for a cute robot, who wants badly to evacuate from the Earth. So, the goal is very noble, you can not be slow! 50 fascinating levels, physically true drilling and replicated minerals are waiting for you. We hope you enjoy the game.
Do not forget to leave a feedback!
Joystick Knights Team.. Hotfixes:
Hi everybody! Based on community feedback, we have fixed some issues:

• Fixed balance issue that caused the game to be impossible to beat
• Fixed Russian localization
• Fixed music and sound settings

Your feedback is highly appreciated, so please feel free to leave your comments and let us know what you think.
Stay tuned for further updates!. Dig to the Stars is available now!:
Meet a fascinating game about a robot! Get ready to dig, fracture cubes and receive minerals for the rocket start. You will not be bored! Only in the beginning cubes are easy to fracture, then it is getting difficult to do it, so you should try harder. The robot wants badly to evacuate from the Earth, so your task is to help him! We are sure you will appreciate game graphics and level multiplicity.
If you notice any errors in the game, please contact us.
Do not forget to leave a feedback!
Joystick Knights Team.

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