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Original Title: There Will Be Brawl

Genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Drama,Fantasy,Mystery,Sci-Fi










































In a Dystopian Mushroom Kingdom, corruption and avarice reign supreme. Even the greatest heroes of the land have buckled beneath the overwhelming will of the amoral elite. When a series of grisly crimes pushes an unlikely champion to seek the truth, a mystery unfolds that could completely destroy everything he holds dear.
As an avid smash player, I started with melee and went through all the drama that came with the upcoming title of Brawl. This series is great if you can appreciate both its fidelity to the games and a smart interpretation of how the characters would fit into the city life and the mobster scene archetypes. The drama, from the beginning, has intense potential to draw you in to see the rest. The characters are extremely believable, and are played by actors with awesome sense of tone. Probably the best aspect of There Will Be Brawl is probably the intense amount of effort put into creating the characters to be as recognizable as possible, along with a world so intensely dark and real that, really, you forget it's a movie. The players in Smash can't all be heroes anymore, and this movie does a great job of exploring how they all fit into the real world
There will be brawl is strictly for nerds only. And even among them only the very devoted to SSB should bother checking this out. Although a parody of sorts, TWBB has an extreme cheese factor to it many will be put off by. Unless you are a fan of B-movies. Now, if you read all that and are thinking, "hey, I'm most/ all those things!, then this show is for you!

One thing to note however, you must realize this is a black comedy. And as such, even the darkest of things should be seen knowing it's mostly for laughs. The story itself can be a little too over-dramatic for it's own good sometimes, but given the source material, it usually makes you smile instead of cringe. Also, the dialogue is pretty well written, and even very good at times. What really kills it is that it feels like the writers are cramming events, and scenes into each episodes. Also, being a labor of love without any financial backing,the episodes vary in length. All are over ten minutes long, and most never go past twenty, but the inconsistency is a tad annoying. The series would benefit from elongating each episode to something like 30 minutes each.

Most of the characters are pretty interesting and given decent actors to portray them. Wario and Ganon are standouts in this regard. Mario, Samus, and Capt Falcon also deserve a worthy mention. Luigi, to me, comes off a little flat. There's nothing boring about his background or motivations, but the actor is simply sub par. Although it's almost scary how nearly identical he looks to Luigi, he doesn't do much to portray the role once he's inside his skin.

Without giving away any spoilers, the story is very adult oriented, set in a city somewhere inside the mushroom kingdom. A string of grotesque murders begin happening during a bleak time in the Mushroom Kingdom, similar to a recession of sorts. Mario begins losing faith in himself, and so Luigi takes his place and begins searching the city for clues in an attempt to find the killer. It is a character driven story to be sure, and filmed in a film noir fashion. A good web series with room for improvement.


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