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Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Tamil Dubbed Movie Download

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Tamil Dubbed Movie Download ->>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Horror,Sci-Fi
















































Duke Nukem returns to his platforming roots in this throwback to his earlier games. This time, Duke fights his way across New York city's towering skyscrapers and through its gritty subway stations on the hunt for power-hungry villain, Mech Morphix. Mutants of every kind are thrown at Duke as he chases Morphix through eight large environments and avoids the green slime called GLOPP that's the cause of all the chaos.
Rated M for Strong Violence,Blood,Gore and Some Sexual Content.

Duke Nukem Manhattan Project is the latest addition to the Duke Nukem series.This one is different from the others because unlike most of the other games which were FPS games this game is a side scroller like Duke Nukem 1 and 2.I got this game a couple of years ago for Christmas.I must say its really fun.It has gore,funny one-liners,basically anything a Duke Nukem fan would want.Duke Nukem Manhattan Project is about Duke Nukem who must save Manhattan from aliens.Manhattan Project is a fun game and I recommend it!

9/10 I enjoyed 1996 Duke Nukem more that this. But, hey, this wasn't that bad, and I didn't mind 2D idea of the game. It's pretty cool. Honestly I didn't enjoy that much on few occasions, maybe because Duke is fighting a mutant monsters here, not aliens. But, again... I don't mind that much. The Duke character (voiced by Jon St. John) stayed faithful to the 96' Duke, macho alpha male, main man, and he constantly utters some funny one liners, and I am thankful for that one liners, because, I wouldn't continue to play this game at all. I am glad that Duke is the same. They also brought back pig cops, from the 1996, and others are mostly new enemies, mutated rats, alligators and other stuff, you also got cyborg women, pretty nightmare for Duke and others as well. Your main enemy is Morphix, a guy who has a red lightsaber in his wrist... I found that Morphix wasn't that good, they weren't pay any attention to his character development. Overall, what to say, it's fun, it's a good idea. Play it.


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