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The shadows of destruction begin to loom on the horizon once a human mage uncovers a dark and powerful secret dating back to the remote past of the Elven race.

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Title: Elven Legacy
Genre: RPG, Strategy
1C Entertainment
Elven Legacy
Release Date: 7 Apr, 2009


  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista
  • Processor: Intel® Pentium® IV 1.5 GHz or AMD®


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Overall I like this game, the only downside being that the difficulty level is slightly too high, and even turning the difficulty setting to 'easy' makes no difference to this. The early missions arent too bad, but the very late ones are incredibly hard and never allow you to deploy your full army at once. Elven Legacy is basically a Fantasy General style game, but with better graphics and with more choices for which upgrades you want for which unit, with different unit types getting different choices. For the expansions for Elven Legacy Siege in particular though the difficulty level is insane on many missions. When playing the expansions be prepared to reload a lot and try different ways of doing a mission. I find i have to save the game at the start of each turn and at the end of each turn (before the computer takes its turn), as there is a lot of luck involved, and reloading can lead to very different results from an identical situation. Fantasy Wars, the game that came before Elven Legacy, was also too hard and limited you to to few units that could be deployed at once, but it wasn't quite as insanely difficult as some of the Elven Legacy expansions. There are some of the missions in the Siege expansion that i could only complete by using cheats - and that let me manage to complete them in the "bronze" number of turns rating. Completing almost any mission in it in gold is simply not possible. If the difficulty had been a bit more sensible on the later missions in the main game, and many of those in the expansions, this would probably have been a much more popular game. Still worth trying though, especially at the minimal price it now sells for.. I actually highly recommend Elven Legacy, but only if you played Fantasy Wars and want more of the same. Fantasy Wars has the same gameplay and the same graphics and it's the game you want to begin the story and not get curb-stomped on your very first mission. Now, if you liked Fantasy Wars and want to continue the experience, Elven Legacy is for you. But don't expect any new gameplay mechanism.. Elven Legacy is a decent Turn-Based Strategy game that would get a pass if it wasn't for the godawful time limit. The tactical combat is nice, all units develop skills so it pays to keep them alive and the campaign offers branching missions. On the negative side it seems that all missions involve reaching a certain point on the map, there is no base/city-building whatsoever and the various units and spells all seem bog-standard. But as i said, that time limit is the real killer. You get a rating (gold, silver, bronze) based on how fast you completed a mission. Better ratings give better rewards. So combined with units permanently dying the game will get progressively harder unless you rush things. And i hate being rushed. It wouldn't be so bad if there was a soft time limit in the form of more enemies showing up, but this is just lazy. There are also just many better TBS games. Age of Wonders, HOMM, Warlock and the like are all substantially better.. This game is like kings bounty and the company who made this made kings bounty This game feels like if your playing a magic chess and kings bounty is like dungeons and dragons but this one is great :D. This one is a hidden gem, as far as it goes for tactical RPGs. The system really works in here, meaning that through the careful planning, well-thought army building process (like picking the "right" perks, or proper squad composition) you can face seemingly impossible odds - and win. And it feels darn good! Also, don't get the wrong idea about the setting here - yes, it's disgustingly colourful in here, and you are playing. yuck. elves. BUT! But, even thou you start as "oh no, evil mage stole a mighty spell, let's bring him to justice.!", things quickly turn a little dark. As in "Genocide? YeeaaAAHH, FOR POWAAAH!!" dark. And lastly, there's a big complain about turn limit - which you should totally ignore. First of all, it's not "be quick or lose" scenario, as you have more then enough time to achieve bronze or even silver victory, even if you'll take your time proceeding ahead. Second, the gold victory is perfectly reachable without cheating and modifying turn limits for missions (which you can also easy do, with a build-in editor). It's a bit of a challenge, and maybe you wont be able to get all the extra artifacts scattered around the map - but it's meant to be that way. It balances the game, giving you choice. And it's not even so hard the get it as it seems at first. Aside from two early maps, I was able to get that gold rating quite reliably. On top of that all, the game, or rather whole series of games, starting with "fantasy wars", is laughably cheap.. No bugs but huuuge difficulty mark in there, expect to fail missions alot even in normal. Good unity variety and animations are not really bad.

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