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FSX Steam Edition: US Cities X: Niagara Falls Add-On Download For Pc [Keygen]

FSX Steam Edition: US Cities X: Niagara Falls Add-On Download For Pc [Keygen]

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Being one of the world's greatest tourist attractions on the borderline between Canada and the United States, Niagara Falls will amaze you! The scenery comes with unprecedented detail in effects, animations and awe-inspiring views.

There are three main helipads in the scenery: the major one for sightseeing flights on the Canadian side, a smaller one very close to the Falls on the US side of the river and a medical rooftop pad on the Women and Children’s Hospital in Buffalo. Furthermore, the package includes a number of international airports and small airfields in the area in nice detail.


  • Aerial image coverage with up to 15cm/pix resolution.
  • More than 850 major buildings included.
  • About 70,000 autogen buildings placed realistically.
  • Extremely realistic animations of the Falls.
  • Scheduled sightseeing boats going to the Falls.
  • Many sightseeing around the Falls like:
    • Skylon Tower with animated outside elevators.
    • Marineland with animated -2G tower.
    • Rainbow and other bridges crossing Niagara River.
    • Spanish Cable Car crossing “the Whirlpool”.
    • SkyWheel.
    • Hi-Flyer balloon (animated).
    • Prospect viewing platform.
    • Hydro plants.
  • Major airports in and around the city are covered with new ground images (no new building structures added):
    • KBUF – Buffalo Niagara International Airport
    • KIAG – Niagara Falls International Airport
    • D77 – Buffalo-Lancaster
    • 0G0 – North Buffalo Suburban Airport
    • 9G0 – Buffalo Airfield
    • CNJ3 – Ft Erie
    • NY49 – Mesmer
    • 77NY – Pendleton Airpark
    • 79NY – Smith
    • 62NZ – Lockport Cambria
    • 85N – Hollands Intl Field
    • D80 – Olcott-Newfane
    • 63NY – Shear
    • NY24 – Taylor Johnson
  • 5 heliports:
    • CNF9 – Niagara Helicopters
    • INK80 – Rainbow Helicopters Niagara
    • 7NK2 – Buffalo Women and Children’s Hospital Helipad
    • CNF7 – Niagara Falls Fire Station No.1
    • CNJ3 – Ft Erie Helipad (part of the airport)
  • Sound effects like downtown, highway traffic and the waterfalls.
  • Traffic on most major roads.
  • Includes a separate Scenery Density tool - accessible from the Tools menu in your Steam library.

Title: FSX Steam Edition: US Cities X: Niagara Falls Add-On
Genre: Simulation
Aerosoft GmbH
Dovetail Games - Flight
Release Date: 28 Feb, 2018


Enjoyable addition to FSX, specifically for those who know the area. It significantly enhanced my flying experience around the falls with many notable buildings and geography features rendered. Need to add the dumping scow and Brock's monument, but a great scenery addition none the less.

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