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Geneforge 4: Rebellion Ativador Download [hack]

Geneforge 4: Rebellion Ativador Download [hack]

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About This Game

Geneforge 4: Rebellion is an Indie fantasy role-playing adventure, the fourth chapter of the Geneforge Saga. Once again, return to the world of the Shapers, where you will explore a vast world, choose what side you will fight for, and create and mold your own army of strange, powerful monsters.

Geneforge 4: Rebellion features an enormous world, with over 80 areas to explore. Choose among several sides, each with its own beliefs, cities, and quests. Help the rebels or fight them. Slay your enemies or use stealth and diplomacy to outwit them. Your choices will shape the world, and there are dozens of different endings.


Title: Geneforge 4: Rebellion
Genre: Strategy, RPG, Indie
Spiderweb Software
Spiderweb Software
Release Date: 1 Nov, 2006


An old isometric RPG involving a society built around a special type of magic known as "shaping", which allows the practitioner to create and alter living beings.. Its like the other geneforge games but you can act like a teenager.. Good war stories are rare.. Amazing game, just make sure you tell the rebels to go to hell the minute you get the chance.. Realistic and riveting. You will want this game.

I loved the politics behind everything. I slowly made my way through the rebellion only to figure out that the rebellion wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I'm sure if I played as the shappers, I would have felt the exact same way.

When you get about 3\/4ths done with the game, you start feeling a serious amount of dread because you know there are no good guys in this plot. I loved it.

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