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Gundemonium Recollection Download Now

Gundemonium Recollection Download Now

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About This Game

First of the three titles in the Gundemonium Collection, this pixel-style side-scroller brings the intensity of the 'bullet hell' shooter genre to Steam. Choose one of two playable characters, including an unlockable third character! Modify character weaponry to your liking! Dominate 5 levels of frenetic gameplay while being bombarded with high-impact weaponry. Each level culminates with a challenging boss to defeat. Three game play modes will keep the non-stop action going! Experience a new level of game-play: Enjoy Gundemonium Recollection while listening to a brand-new arranged soundtrack.

Key features:

  • 5 levels of intense bullet-flying action
  • Sweet Old school retro anime-style art
  • Two playable characters to choose from and a third you can unlock
  • Story, Practice and Mission modes to take your shooting skills to the max
  • 32 Steam achievements
  • Full online leaderboards
  • New arranged soundtrack by DM Ashura

Title: Gundemonium Recollection
Genre: Action, Indie
Platine Dispositif
Rockin' Android
Release Date: 27 Sep, 2011


Guns! Anime girlies! Loud music! Bouncing boobies! This is truly 'cheap thrills', in the best way! Look at the screenshots; says it all really. Bargain.. One of the first 'true' shumps on steam, and oh boy is this sucker a doozy! Devloped back in 2007, retooled slightly for 2011 and brought towards English readers, this game is a blast. Just. A. Total. Blast. But yee be warned if you are new, or still lacking skill in shumps in general: This game will chew you up, and toss you away hard. It doens't pull it's punches even on it's more easier setting, to pass it's insane challanges, fight it's 'true' end game boss, and to unlock the third playable cast member is something maybe only 1% of the people who buy\/play this game will EVER achive.

Not for the faint of heart, but those looking for an extremly thrilling challange need not look elsewhere.. Although not as strong with it's gameplay as Gundeadligne, Gundemonium has superior visuals and a fantastic soundtrack.
This game is better for a single player experience!

-Multiplayer but sadly rare that anyone plays so get a friend, in-game it suddenly gets insane at difficulty 21 (Demonic).
-Visuals less detailed and has outline better for seperating the background from the foreground.

-Single player but is strong with it's levels and has a better climb in difficulty compared with Gundeadligne.
-Visuals sharper and more detailed but can be difficult to look at over the background at times (especially later level 3).

Both equally good games but for different reasons.. This is a best danmaku game on steam, and I got my new waifu from it.

Also, original ost>remix

Also, very hard. Despite having over 170 hours I still don't have all play orders(achievements) yet...... music: 10\/10
controls: 9\/10
graphics: 10\/10
replay value: 8\/10

pros: has 5 levels which are break down into 4 areas. the game is fast and has great music. has mission mode which is a boss rush mode.

cons: since its a bullet hell game, this game will be hard, even on easy mode.

in short, if you like bullet hell games, this game is for you.. Guns! Anime girlies! Loud music! Bouncing boobies! This is truly 'cheap thrills', in the best way! Look at the screenshots; says it all really. Bargain.. I purchased Gundemonium Recollection while it was on sale and have enjoyed it a lot.

It's a horizontal shoot em up. Gameplay is difficult, but not unfair. Also if you're not worried about deaths, the game allows you to continue from the start of the stage you died in.

I love the music. I've left the game on the title screen just to hear the theme.

Allows full controller support. I'm using a 3rd party ps3 controller. It also allowed button remapping.. Alright, if you're here, then you probably know what the "bullet hell" subgenre is, or at least its parent genre, shoot 'em ups (from now on referred to as "shmups"), but if not, I'll briefly explain:

Shmups are generally defined as any top-down or side-scrolling shooter, such as Galaga, Space Invaders, and many others. Bullet hell games, on the other hand, take this to the EXTREME; some of the screenshots for this game should show you just how many bullets you'll have to deal with. To compensate for this, your character's hit box is extremely small, really only a couple of pixels big, so that this is at all possible.

With that out of the way, the actual review!

The presentation:
Generally pretty good quality sprite work; I wouldn't say it's anything outstanding, but certainly nothing to scoff at. The menus are a tad bland, but function well, and aren't boring; just simple.

The story:
It's a little hard for me to comment on this one, honestly; the story isn't really well told throughout the game. To give an example of how important the story is, there's an option to disable the pre-level "cutscenes", which are only one screen with text and some pictures anyway. I believe it has something to do with humanity doing something dumb, and that causes some evil person to attack (again? I'm not sure; I haven't played the first game), and you, being part of some millitary group, have to go and face her. Not terrible, but not super deep either. But that's probably not why you're here, is it? You're looking for...

The gameplay:
Is fantastic. Before you start the game, you have the choice between two characters, Eryth and Earl, and another once you beat the true final boss (which, I should mention, I have not done). Now, there are two conflicting sources on the amount of characters; one (this very Steam page) says that there are two starting characters, with the unlockable third, while the games official webpage states that there are FIVE characters, along with an unlockable sixth. Neither of these are completely correct. The second character, Earl, is actually a customizable character; you can use one of four presets, or you can mix and match her three selectable abilities. These abilities, of which Eryth has as well (however, Eryth is stuck with one skillset), include your normal shots, "bombs" (which almost never actually includes using a bomb), and "Mana Action", which requires your Mana bar to be filled up; this can be done by killing enemies. The game isn't too long, probably about an hour or less if your good; but that's a pretty tall order. The first time I played through this game (playing as Eryth, Revised (normal) difficulty), it took about two hours of multiple retries to get past these five stages. Despite the difficulty (which is pretty normal for these kinds of games), I had a blast, and felt extremely satisfied once I finally conquered it. Thanks in no small part to...

The music:
Now, personally, I loved the music. It's probably one of my favorite game soundtracks, and I'm not exaggerating; I rank this up there with Cave Story, Mega Man X, BlazBlue (the collective series), all of those amazing soundtracks. And the soundtrack actually comes including in the Steam folder for the game once it's installed, so that's a huge plus. However, looking at another review, it said that the musical wasn't all that great. So who knows, I might be in the minority on this one.

Hopefully this review didn't end up being too long-winded; I don't exactly have a lot of experience with reviewing. However, I found myself having to hold back on how much I said, because I quite bluntly love this game. It's one of my favorites, and I'm pretty sure the next few days will be spent on getting the achievements. I hope you decide to pick this game up, because it's definitely worth it; I plan on buying the other games in the series at some point soon as well.. This game is quite addicting from what I thought. I really thought this would be a boring game and I wasted my dollars on it, no that's a true lie right there! I LOVE THIS GAME. It's worth your time!! It's addicting and I already had gotten good at it with just a spam of bullets!

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