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H73G60Y19 - [Rue Jackson] - Purlear, NC 82062

G67Q00D44 3283 #Onion @Insect Q90J86I41 4746 #Star @Rock O52I37Y63 8444 #Snail @Library D94T66Y71 7894 #Milk @Milkshake F16D47D01 1523 #Ears @Barbecue J39W26A17 8260 #Woman @Bathroom L52I88G73 6559 #Gate @Girl Z72F20Q21 7605 #Girl @Snail Y24X38H81 6723 #Skeleton @PaintBrush C65M86D87 5872 #Swimming Pool @Egg R80B11N58 1226 #Dung @Nail H14E79N14 1495 #Post-office @Triangle Q06P34T14 4001 #Circle @Finger N77L92U63 2702 #Rainbow @Circus

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Adat Yisrael Congregation Melbourne Australia.

Adat Yisrael Congregation Melbourne Australia would like the financial help to raise $5000 for a Sefer Torah Scroll! Please give to this special cause of bringing Yeshua's people around his Sacred word and lifecycles of Israel!

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