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Hindi Genghis: The Legend Of The Ten ->>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: Genghis: The Legend Of The Ten

Genge: Action,History














































A little known fact is that Chinggis Khaan, better known as Genghis Khan, would collect orphans from his bloody battlefields and have his own mother raise them. These adopted brothers grew up to become his most loyal officials and advisers. Khaan organised his Mongol soldiers into groups according to the decimal system. Soldiers were arranged in units of 10 ("aravt"), 100 ("zuut"), 1,000 ("minghan") and 10,000 ("tumen"). Each unit had an appointed leader reporting to a larger unit. A 10-person "aravt" unit is ordered by Khaan to locate a skilled doctor who lives in a forest. En route, they discover an abandoned baby. He is in fact the child of an enemy warrior who gives pursuit, even though they have saved the child's life. Whilst protecting the child from attacks from enemy soldiers, the members of the "aravt" must also complete their mission. Through their actions, they demonstrate the benevolence and bravery of Mongol warriors as the final battle closes in.
It was about the great Genghis' ten legendary soldiers called Aravt who are assigned to find the physician (doctor) and bring back safely. This is a travel based story where most of it takes place in horse riding and temporary tents. There's no forts and palace or a war with thousands of soldiers. In fact they won't even show Genghis. So if you are expecting it like the one from Russian movie you will be dissatisfied.

Soon theirs general assign them a task the ten Genghis soldiers travel to the forest to locate the skilled physician. On their journey they encounter the village that ruined by the enemy soldiers. They find an alive baby in the wreck and puts under their protection without knowing it is a child of their enemy. So finally the clash between these two small units of soldiers commence and what happens and who will be victorious is the remaining story.

It was a simple story with pure Mongolian actors in it. What bothers is it feels like the movie is not demonstrating exact history. Makes us think something missing that requires a qualify to be a movie. I found many scenes were boring, to say in other word it lacks with proper directional execution. Both the directors were new, it was theirs first movie so it is understandable without further denoting their mistakes. Go for it only if you are interested to know about the history of this part of the earth.

6.5/10 Firstly this is an excellent film from Mongolia, with Mongol actors, crew from Mongolia and totally filmed in the wilds of Mongolia and differs so much from the average USA made film. There is no CGI or glamorous highly paid actors here, no PC acting, the men are men and the women are women, gone are the obligatory female heroines, the ten year old child who knows more that the adults and formulaic story-lines. The Mongols are known to be superb horsemen and here it shows, the country is wild and unforgiving, and again here it is shown, the acting is on the weak side but this is made up for in the story-line, which is full of warriors doing there duty to Genghis Khan, even if it does mean the ultimate sacrifice. There is much character development, as we learn about each warrior and care for them,and much skullduggery as the story evolves. On the downside as I said earlier the acting could have been stronger and the end perhaps stronger, but I was very impressed with the film overall and would recommend it, there is some gore but nothing which is going to frighten the average young adult, and there is no nudity, sexual innuendo or foul language. In the UK it is classed as 15 but really should be a 12.

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