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Original Title: Policenauts

Genge: Action,Crime,Mystery,Sci-Fi,Thriller































Johnathan Ingram is one of "policenauts" assigned the task of upholding the law on a space station called "Beyond Coast". Ingram was lost in the space after an accident left himn out of control in his spacesuit. But the suit was equipped with a cryogenic-life sistem and 25 year later his frozen body was recovered. The new world arround him is very different, all his friends are old men and his wife has remarried and had a daugther. Johnathan returns to the Earth and become in a private eye but when is ex-wife's new husband goes missing and she visiting Johnathan to ask for his help, Ingram returns to "Beyond Coast". Helped by is old friend Ed Brown, he will discover many things about is past and the tragic accident that changed his life...
Jonathan Ingram is a former "Policenaut", astronauts with police training. In a freak accident, he is drifted away into space and is presumed dead. However, 25 years later, Jonathan is found alive and well due to the cold-sleep module connected in his suit. Three years pass. The year is 2040. Jonathan now works as a private investigator in the former Los Angeles. He is visited by his ex-wife, Lorraine, who asks him to find her husband Kenzo Hojo, whom has suddenly disappeared. Jonathan is reluctant to solve the case at first, but soon after, Lorraine is attacked and fatally wounded in a car bomb by a man in a motorcycle suit. Jonathan must put aside his fear of space and return to Beyond, where he meets his former partner Ed Brown from his LAPD days and who agrees to help Jonathan solve the case involving Hojo's disappearance and Lorraine's murder.

Not officially. Back in 1996 Konami announced a North American release for Policenauts was in production for the Sega Saturn. However the game was subsequently cancelled after the development team struggled to syncronise the English dialogue with the animated cut-scenes. Little else is known about the cancelled North-American release, screenshots and other information is sparsely found. Footage of the game has yet to surface and seems unlikely to do so. Fans can only speculate how far into development the North American release was when it was cancelled.

There are currently no plans for Konami to release an English version.

However, Policenauts can be played in English thanks to fan translation. The fan translation is a project that spanned a decade to successfully subtitle Policenauts for the Playstation in English. The Policenauts English v1.00 patch was released on 24th August 2009 and has since met with critical acclaim from several high profile game journalists/websites as well as the Kojima Productions fanbase. In order to use the patch you must own a copy of Policenauts for the Playstation and follow the instructions at Express Raja in hindi free download
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