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About This Game

Kubz brings one of the most famous puzzle game of all time to the Virtual Reality world!

Play with an HTC Vive in a 3d rooms with very realistic Tetrominos falling from the sky. Your goal is the plug them in the grid as fast as you can or everything around you will be destroyed.

Best of all, you can challenge your friends and get to the top of the leaderboard!

We already have some improvements in progress:
- Add new game modes
- Multiplayer online (cooperation, battles...)
- Any awesome idea you have! b4d347fde0

Title: Kubz VR
Genre: Casual, Indie
Release Date: 5 Sep, 2016


I don't want to give this a good review.... Because of the neglect of this simple game by the Dev\/s. It is a very good idea for a game. Too bad it was made and then forgotten about, regardless of its quirks.

It is fun. It is worth about a dollar, maybe 2. But, it is buggy and slow even on beast equipment. Lacks polish and variance. Would really love to see a good Tetris VR implementation, unfortunately this doesn't take the cake.


I'll fix my review if the dev\/s fix the game.. +Tetris Style
+Fairly Cheap

-controls sometimes wonkey
-Annoying sound effects
-warning noise is irritating
-Pooly executed


Much better Tetris VR games. And the "Warning" sound is terrible. I mean constant loud alarm beeping noises, are really overboard and irritating.

If you liked this review Click here<\/a> and follow for more reviews of VR titles. And Click here<\/a> if you want to request reviews on other VR titles.. The core concept of the game works well enough, but it doesn't really have enough to justify paying any amount. There's absolutely no options to adjust the gameplay, like if you want to play with a more lax pace.
Right now, the default and only spawn rate grows exponentially and independently of the player's performance. What ends up happening is that most games end up finishing with roughly the same duration, since it always reaches a point that's almost impossible to manage within a few minutes.

Also it probably wouldn't hurt to have a few quality of life improvements to grabbing and manipulating the blocks. Like if you could swipe the trackpad to rotate one while you're holding it instead of fumbling with both hands.. Fun concept. I'd like if there was a few different game modes (Zen, Original, Variable Difficulty maybe?)

It was pretty involved physically, there's not really a way to "reach" and set a block down, you actually need to more. It's nice for the fact that it gets players involved.. It's a great twist on Tetris that I'd recommend to anyone with "VR legs." For those who get a little quesy when the VR world shifts on you, stay away until they update it with a way to disable the ending "fall."

Essentially, when you lose, the floor falls out from under you and you fall twenty feet. For those who are not strongly affected by VR sliding, it's fine, but for those who do not handle it well, this event essentially ruins the game.

I've suggested to the Devs to add an option to disable this (or teleport you down, or something), but so far no response.

. This is a must-buy if you like puzzles at all. It's room-scale te...

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