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LOGistICAL - New Zealand Download Exe File

LOGistICAL - New Zealand Download Exe File

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About This Content

LOGistICAL has expanded to New Zealand

Over 100 new towns to complete plus a new Industry.

New Zealand has allowed you to expand your company into their country. You may ferry some trucks over but there will be restrictions placed on what you can do here.

LOGistICAL is a large open-world, strategy, puzzle game where you transport different cargoes to complete all the towns throughout the country.

The whole game is a huge puzzle while each town is its own little piece of puzzling. There are over 1,000 towns to complete.
Plenty of towns are easy enough. Some take complex planning. Do them in your own order. Get bonuses for completing regions and contracts.
Some cargoes are easy to get. Others you have to create in industries. Use existing industries and build your own.
The further you get from the start the more strategies you have to use.
Pimp up your trucks with bonuses. Last truck delivering gets the bonus.
The towns and map are to scale. Current or historical industry placement. You could even say that playing is educational.

There is plenty more to keep you on your toes.
Towns consume the cargoes you are trying to get to completion.
Big trucks are great for moving lots of stuff, but can't travel everywhere.
There are lots of broken roads that need deliveries.
Upgrade the industries for better exponential throughput.
Cargo stores can sure come in handy.
What! I can't take my big trucks across the water on a ferry.
... and what is with those quarantine checkpoints?

Complete towns, roads, industries, contracts, regions and states for lots of in-game and Steam achievements.

LOGistICAL's base game covers the whole of Australia including all the major cities, towns and industries. Start in Sydney and work your way through the different regions and states. Eventually covering coast to coast with the most difficult being across the sea to Tasmania. b4d347fde0

Title: LOGistICAL - New Zealand
Genre: Casual, Strategy
Release Date: 25 Apr, 2017


logistic internship new zealand

After moving freight all around mainland Australia, it's time to use our skills for the Eastern state.... I mean, uh, NZ ;)

Can't wait to visit all the new towns, and learn plenty about the geography and resources NZ is famous for.

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