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Love Bites Download Without Verification

Love Bites Download Without Verification

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About This Game

Twins Brandon and Kaitlyn have just graduated and are looking for part-time employment to keep them occupied during the summer.

They would never have guessed this was the beginning of a nightmare. After going to a party one night, they endure tormented dreams and increasing physical changes.

At the same time, they'll meet some interesting characters who might help them get a job and possibly find a cure for their strange disease:

  • NEW! Ashley, a grad student who enjoys dancing and the nightlife
  • Nadia, a sexy teacher who is said to be practicing witchcraft
  • Sabrina, their step-sister who is rumored to belong to a secret society
  • Tyrone, a local basketball star who might be something more than he looks
  • Viktor, a scientist who has an uncommon affinity with weather and...lightning

Each love interest can be equally romanced by Brandon or Kaitlyn, but each path is unique. There are two ending variants for each love interest, which changes based on the player's choice during the dialogues. The scheduler is present but there's no stat-raising required to reach any ending.


  • Play as Brandon (male) or Kaitlyn (female)
  • 4 romances for both protagonists: Viktor, Sabrina, Diana and Tyrone
  • NEW bonus Ashley romance for both Brandon and Kaitlyn added!
  • Simplified scheduler gameplay with no stat raising required
  • Two variant endings for each love interest based on your choices
  • Discover your sickness origins and find a cure before it's too late!

Title: Love Bites
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Winter Wolves
Winter Wolves
Release Date: 1 Jun, 2018


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i think there should be more cg or that may be too expensive. Pros:

+Charming love interests (Viktor especially was very cute)

+You can romance a mad scientist. I always wanted to romance a mad scientist. You can also romance a witch, a werelion and a vampire huntress, I mean come on, that's pretty interesting.

+Some scenes were genuinely creepy. (it's a horror game after all, so this is a good thing)

+You can choose the gender of your protagonist, I like games that give you that option.


-The side characters were used horribly. We get introduced to the protagonist's friends in the beginning, only that they never appear again.

-It has only one gc per route. For its price, I expected better. Maybe they should have added some scary gcs to create a "creepier" atmosphere since it's supposed to be a horror game after all.

-I noticed some typos. Come on now Winter Wolves, you can fix those things before publishing your games.

I only recommend this game on a sale. I found it enjoyable , but the price is probably too much for what it is.. Well.. It was surprisingly wonderful) Such good emotions after playing, looking after those characters, reading main history plot and .. oh, did I mentioned about cool differences in each romances?) If you will date same person by different MC, you will understand suddenly they aren't similar. Each route are amazing and each "love interest" is cool in his own way))) I like them all). This game has many good points. The art is good. You can pick a gender. And for a lot of us, urban fantasy is like the fiction version of crack. I fully expected beforehand that this wouldn't be in my top ten VNs ever, and I'm modifying my rating based on the price, and what looks to be a small company style. I don't recommend the game, however (especially at a price of fifteen dollars) for one simple reason.

The structure. The game is structured so that, as you go along, you get scenes with every single possible love interest. You don't start dropping any of these routes until well into the game. So for your first playthrough you're bored because you spend a LOT of time on at least a couple routes you don't have any interest in.

But that would be acceptable. The problem is that this absolutely kills the replay value. You can try to pursue other routes in a new game, but now you've already read almost all of these scenes in your first and subsequent playthroughs. The scenes don't change until you're nearing the end of the game. The dream scenes, while providing a bit of atmosphere, only add even more to this issue. The only variety come in a few inconsequential choices which change two to four lines before the scene goes right back on track to what you've already read before. If you use the 'skip read' option, you'll soon find there isn't very much content for the new route you're trying at all. Perhaps three scenes, before it goes to the end card.

I haven't played a game from this company before, so I don't know if this sort of structure is standard for them, but it heavily grated on me throughout my time playing. I did one route, and liked it well enough, even if I was a bit bored. I did a second route, and was irritated throughout. I couldn't make it all the way through the third route I tried.

If it happens to go on sale at any point, sure, get it. If fifteen dollars isn't as much to you as it is to me, feel free to get it. It's far from the worst game ever. But if I can offer advice? Be sure to space out your playthroughs so that you don't get bored with it instantly. Or you'll need to keep up with the skip option.. i think there should be more cg or that may be too expensive. I was SO disappointed with this game! For $20, I was expecting a lot more. My first issue, albeit a small one, is the sheer number of typos in the text. For a game that is a single step away from a straight up visual novel, I expected a rich, well-done story. The plot is pretty linear. Your choices make little to no difference to the direction of the story. You are literally forced into dating all of the "love interests" (male AND female no matter who you play, including your step-sister), and then forced to dump them and lose your income within a couple of weeks (not play time; this game was beaten in a few hours). I worked through the game three times trying to earn enough points to get Vicktor's ending and when I finally did, it was a HUGE let-down. There are a couple of places where a character will refer to an action you flat out didn't do, or refer to something that you didn't choose. It's very clear from those mistakes that the choices mean nothing; you're going to end up in the same room with the same guy no matter who you choose to date. And forget about getting any answers about your "condition". Overall, this game should not be tagged as "choices matter", but rather straight up visual novel. Also, all the female characters look like roided out Amazons.. Well.. It was surprisingly wonderful) Such good emotions after playing, looking after those characters, reading main history plot and .. oh, did I mentioned about cool differences in each romances?) If you will date same person by different MC, you will understand suddenly they aren't similar. Each route are amazing and each "love intere

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