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Music - Hearts Of Iron IV: Sabaton Soundtrack Vol. 2 Download For Pc [Patch]

Music - Hearts Of Iron IV: Sabaton Soundtrack Vol. 2 Download For Pc [Patch]

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New Hearts of Iron IV Music Pack Featuring Sabaton

Paradox Development Studio and Hearts of Iron IV continue their musical synergy with Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton. Best known for their songs about real historical events and the human side of war, Sabaton has licensed ten new songs for Hearts of Iron IV, each illustrating a moment of World War II with passion and power chords.

The 10 songs included in Sabaton Soundtrack Vol. 2 are:

  • Ghost Division: Tells the story of the elusive 7th Panzer Division.
  • Resist and Bite: Recounts the experiences of a Belgian division facing German invasion.
  • Coat of Arms: Deals with the difficult Italian invasion of Greece.
  • Uprising: Celebrates the courageous but doomed Warsaw Uprising of 1944.
  • Screaming Eagles: A song about 101st Airborne’s battles in Bastogne
  • 40:1: Honors a small Polish brigade’s stalling defence of Wizna against a much larger Wehrmacht force.
  • Panzerkampf: Song about the Battle of Kursk, one of the largest tank battles in history.
  • Smoking Snakes: Honors three Brazilian soldiers who refused surrender against overwhelming odds.
  • To Hell and Back: A song about Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier in American history, and his struggle with PTSD.
  • The Last Battle: Tells of how a motley group of French prisoners, German defectors, and American soldiers defended Castle Itter against a SS division.

Title: Music - Hearts of Iron IV: Sabaton Soundtrack Vol. 2
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Paradox Development Studio
Paradox Interactive
Hearts of Iron IV
Release Date: 26 Jan, 2017


music - hearts of iron iv sabaton soundtrack vol. 2

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