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About This Game

NEO Scavenger is a game where you must survive in the wasteland long enough to figure out who you are. Each turn, you must decide where to go, how to scavenge for supplies, 5d3b920ae0

Title: NEO Scavenger
Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy
Blue Bottle Games
Blue Bottle Games
Release Date: 15 Dec, 2014


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Brutal, unforgivable, with no clear story at first, but absolutely charming.. Imagine not wearing the raw, untreated skin of the animal you just slaughtered for your next week of calories This post was made by the Wolfman Coat gang. -Primera vez encontru00e1ndome con un humano -Intento dialogar porque no tengo armas -Me da un flechazo en un brazo -Sigo tratando de dialogar -Me dispara en una pierna -Me rindo y me muestro indefenso -Me dispara en la otra pierna -Me roba todo el loot -Muero desangrado 10/10. Very in depth survival game that rewards experimentation.. The game was good in first 10 hours, until you realize that there is something wrong with the balance. CD (cut damage) BD (blunt damage) Broad Spear (Melee) : 1CD + 0.4BD = 1.4 Damage .38 Revolver : 0.8CD + 0.6BD = 1.4 Damage Sling with Stone : 0.2CD + 1.2BD = 1.4 Damage Broad Spear with Strong,Melle,Unstoppable perks : 1.4 + 50% + 50% + 25% = 3.15 Damage + Ignores Armor + Insane Hit change The powerest Weapon in the game "Gauge Shotgan" has 2.6 Damage. Fresh spawned "Blue Frog" with a spear, fully nude, having "Strong" and "Melle" perks, stronger than anyone with any weapon. Sorry What? ".38 Revolver" has the same damage as "Sling with Stone" seriously??? Firearms should be like x2 or x3 More powerful than any melee, am i wrong?. Ripping apart an entire human corpse with a glass shard just so that maybe I can see the light of day tomorrow is somehow scarier in text than actually doing it in real life not that I know. -Primera vez encontru00e1ndome con un humano -Intento dialogar porque no tengo armas -Me da un flechazo en un brazo -Sigo tratando de dialogar -Me dispara en una pierna -Me rindo y me muestro indefenso -Me dispara en la otra pierna -Me roba todo el loot -Muero desangrado 10/10. Couldn't figure out how to put bullets in a gun and had to bash a melonhead to death with it

UPDATE 1.1 - FIXED THE GRAPHIC PERFORMANCE. : Well guys, we've managed to solve the problem that was causing all the horrible rendering, even on great spec pcs. The experience should be stable by now, and running as presented in the trailer/screenshots.. UPDATE - 1.20 : During the past couple of months we've took into consideration the feedback from the community and worked on this patch adressing some of the concerns users were having.. Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach Above - VR Giant Life: The final countdown + Pre-Release Giveaways! : Hello there guys! We are very happy to announce that Giant Life is now officially out of beta. Now we are on the final countdown until release: June 7th.. UPDATE - 1.03 : Well guys, due it has been some confusion about the experience mechanics, we've decided to make them more UI friendly. Here are the patch notes: Added more information at the start of the experience. (Module menu scene) Moved the controller interface to the outter space scene, since it was confussing people regarding movement. Fixed asteroid fireball trail. Hope you guys enjoy! The Patagoniart Team.. UPDATE - 1.12 : Well guys, we've been working hard this weekend to improve the experience graphic settings and general rendering. Here are the patch notes: Re-textured the International Space Station. Changed by force the graphic preferences for Unity, the game will now render on fantastic on every computer. Hope you guys enjoy! If you are still experiencing phantom materials after the patch (black materials) post a screenshot or a thread on the community hub. The Patagoniart Team.. UPDATE - 1.22 : Well guys, we've been working hard this last couple of weeks on improving this experience. We've added randomization to the initial location of the ISS for each experience, and increased the speed of the EMU. Hope you guys enjoy. The Patagoniart Team.

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