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Neon Hardcorps Ativador Download [FULL]

Neon Hardcorps Ativador Download [FULL]

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About This Game

- Run & gun maps
- Special car chases maps
- Boss maps
- Tactical maps
- 6 main characters each with unique armour,weapon and abilities.
- Cyberpunk environment.
- Character upgrades. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Neon Hardcorps
Genre: Action, Indie
Sergey Dovganovskiy
Back To Basics Gaming
Release Date: 30 May, 2016


neon hardcorps

This is a low effort retro pixel top down twin stick shootemup. Control a "cyberpunk" soldier and shoot waves of mohawk ridden punks, collect ammo and upgrades to continue the action.

The game is very badly put together. The graphics are very lazy retro pixel graphics. Resolution is fixed and can't be changed. Controls can't be remapped. It looks like the aspect ratio is skewed.

The plethora of problems with this lazy game prevent me from recommending it.. Crash all the time!. played for 10 minutes, very mediocre. sound effects are like BFXR generated sound effects.
Then encountered game ending bug where the helicopter flew off the screen.

Tragically unfinished game.. unplayable, every 15 minutes the game crashes. So much wasted potential. A lazy attempt at a game. Shame.. Legal a ponto de ser uma pena que acabe tão rápido.. The game looks good for a retro wannabe top down shooter. Though honestly, I am not sure if these graphics qualify as retro anymore, since there are more "Retro" game releases than there are eye melting graphical games. It's pretty much "Modern graphics" now, and the epic graphics are almost Retro in a way....Anyway! That's beside the point, and I am rambling.

As I said, the game looks good, and is a top down shooter. I personally love top down shooters, but I did not like this. I'm not sure why exactly unfortunately. I think the main reason is the controls. It's keyboard only, and I just feel this type of game plays better as a twin stick shooter.

Anyway, as the game develops hopefully they will had gamepad support. I am still recommending the game, because it's not fact it has really good potential and I am kind of anxious to see where the game goes.. Considering the game's rating is 0% based on the last month reviews, you can imagine game's kinda bad and broken. People say you can finish it in 15 minutes. I cannot approve or disapprove this for a simple reason: this guy can't handle controllers properly and I'm not going to plug it out just to play this game for 15 minutes. At first I thought it's just lack of dead zone, but it doesn't explain why it locks in a certain direction even when I lean to the opposite side. The game itself is another "write me in a week and give away 100k copies via digital humiliation network". Just noticed I already have negatives for this publisher. If Valve won't moderate devs\/pubs like this anytime soon, EU should come up with another customer law. Gaben is kinda afraid of EU laws, so Bruxelles, we need your help.. great game ,recommend for anyone. The game is broken, glitch-full & keeps breaking up.
It is unplayable.
-5 / 10 Absolute Trash

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