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About This Game

Odd||Even is a math and logic based, integer placement puzzle game created by irritatingFLY studio.

Oddeven-game Features

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Title: Odd||Even
Genre: Casual, Indie, Strategy
irritatingFLY studio
irritatingFLY studio
Release Date: 6 Apr, 2016


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As many comments said, the Software is unusual. Tutorial Bad. No sufficient help.. I bought it at 1 buck. Can't be mad at it.. Even if i've enjoyed this logic game very much, I don't recommend buying this game. There's no tutorial, the game is pretty confusing, and music is ****. This logic game became a clicking intense battle the clock for a better personal best simulator.. As many comments said, the Software is unusual. Tutorial Bad. No sufficient help.. Avoid this game like the plauge. Infact if you want this game, go get the plauge first. The game does not work on most of the machines that I've tried to run it on. The developer I believe has given up on this game, they haven't been on steam for 99 days. If the developer reads this, if you don't plan on doing anything more with it, can you open source it and place it on github so at least I can attempt to get it to work. I've never even played a single game.. If you like Hexcells, you may like this as well ;) This is a really nice game! I do think it is more about logic and seeing patterns than it is about math. The little math you need to do is adding up numbers up till a sum of 16 :) Every level took me no more than 3 minutes. Tutorial and tips are very helpfull and eleborate. I only don't get what the pink dotted line means, wasn't explained or I looked past it. Didn't matter for completing the levels though. After I finished the campaign, I tried to generate some playing fields of 3x4 and bigger but it keeps telling me it is impossible with whatever option I try. So I don't think there is any replayability to this game unfortunately :( In the end I do think this game is definitely worth the u20ac0,99.. Although the hints and instructions are written in the same language as mathematical rulebooks, the game is quite fun. I would happily recommend it to others, but it requires an ok mathematical-language understanding, in order to enjoy it. So although it may not suit everyone, it's fun for those who understand the instructions (but seriously, they should be simplified .).

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