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Prehistoric Tales

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About This Game

Bring an ancient world to vibrant life as you build and protect a fle 5d3b920ae0

Title: Prehistoric Tales
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Strategy
Alawar Entertainment
Release Date: 25 May, 2016


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too easy.. It's really different game, and I like it! Business game with adventure mix, many different ways to get recourses and interesting trading solution.. Got this game at SGD$0.59. Took me just a few hours to finish the game with all achivements done. This game has only one village to manage though the map hints that a lot more can be done. With the great potential, this game can really go far if the developers releases more updates or DLC to this. Sugestions to improve; Resources: Something can be done to make the resources collection auotmated. Maybe, assign one of the settlers to collect for you. Combat: The ability to acquire more villages to manage. Hero: The tech/research tree can be better structured. I went on to play the game to see if the hero can level beyond 100. It gets stuck at Lvl99 and the game glitches.. Rare type of casual strategy. Cute and easy to pick up, though a bit short. Could have been made better by the addition of other goals in the village screen rather than mindless clicking. Still, adorable and addicting for the few hours it took to beat.. Battles are pretty easy beatable at end game,. I wish there were more games like this one!. Not worth the price imo. Tried to stretch it as long as I could and was still only worth about 3 hours of play time.. Very simple colony builder with turn based combat. Pro ------- Cheap Trading cards Simple to learn and play Bug free mobile port Sound and graphics are fit the theme. Con ------- Far too easy. No challenge. Too short. Annoying click to gather resources system functioning as a time sink to extend play time. Ends suddenly. I beat the game thinking I was still in tutorial phase. Story hints at a longer game, but ultimately is pointless. If I were to replay the game to get those last achievements, I'd probably be able to beat it in half the time. Simply grind resources, build up your army and beat everyone. Once the map opened up, I thought the game would expand off the starting beach, but it doesn't. The story started to progress, and again I thought there would be more . but the final quest was "Defeat 5 enemy squads" . which I was doing as a distraction from the resource grind anyhow, gave no indication it was the final mission, and soon as I completed it . game over. If you have to, pick it up in a bundle or sale, and I it did occupy me for 4 hours, which isn't bad for the price, but in the end, it's simply a timesink that isn't particularly challenging or fun.. Rare type of casual strategy

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