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Space Giraffe Full Crack [Ativador]

Space Giraffe Full Crack [Ativador]

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About This Game

Space Giraffe is an abstract action arcade style game that takes place in a succession of beautiful environments generated by an advanced graphics synthesizer. It presents itself as a shooter but the more you play the more you discover the hidden depths and strategies that make the gameplay satisfyingly rich and rewarding. This is the boldest evolution of the trance-shooter, created by the company that helped to define the genre with the groundbreaking “Tempest 2000”.

  • 200 levels of trancetastic action.
  • Beautiful abstract graphics that respond to audio input.
  • Deep gameplay that rewards strategic and thoughtful play.
  • Accessible enough to entertain a novice player, but deep enough to satisfy the arcade expert.
  • Intense, satisfying, synaesthesiac shooting action that you'll return to again and again in search of ever higher scores.

Title: Space Giraffe
Genre: Indie
Llamasoft LTD
Llamasoft LTD
Release Date: 19 Mar, 2009


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The over the top visuals, effects, and audio come at the cost of obfuscating the already abstract gameplay. This makes this experience at best a curiosity as player struggle to understand.. Based off of Tempest 2000, Space Giraffe is one of the only games that is as close as you can get to an acid trip, while staying completly legal.
Graphics are amazing.
Mechanics work great.
Made by Jeff Minter.
100000000000/10 - A masterpiece, why don't you own this yet?. I loved playing this game on XBox and, before the latest Windows 10 updates, my PC. Game no longer works properly on a clean Windows 10 system with current updates.. I do like Tempest. And it has to be weird when the first thing I read opening this is THIS IS NOT TEMPEST.

Darn right, cuz in Tempest you could actually see what you were doing.

Too much neon too much particules, too much EVERYTHING. But the game area takes a relatively small part of the screen, increasing the problem or not seeing crap.

Pass.. Space Giraffe has been on my radar for ages. Tempest 2000 is among my favourite games of all time and I was thrilled to discover this one existed, which is not to say my expectations for Space Giraffe were sky high -- Jeff Minter makes thoroughly interesting and idiosyncratic games and I knew I was going to like this one, but the reading up I'd done on Space Giraffe had me a little cautious. Optimistic, but cautious.

I've only just begun to get into the game, but the tube shooty gameplay definitely delivers the smooth meltiness I was hoping for. UI and configuration is kinda lo-fi but performance is superb. Further thoughts to come as more time goes in! Really looking forward to getting to know this thing :)

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