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Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 1 Full Crack

Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 1 Full Crack

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About This Game


Gail Pilgrim. Starship captain, war hero, ambassador for the new Galactic Union and chancellor of the Pilgrim Space Academy.

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Title: Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 1
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Pilgrim Adventures
Space Pilgrim
Release Date: 6 Oct, 2017


space pilgrim academy year 1. space pilgrim academy year 1 walkthrough

Good game, interesting storyline.. Awesome continuation of Space Pilgrim story. It feels like playing sci-fi Harry Potter, with attending the classes, getting grades and being a little misfit. I have the feeling it's a bit longer than Space Pilgrim, which is good in my opinion.. An excellent first chapter in the sequel to the Space Pilgrim series.. Great start to a new adventure with Gail Pilgrim & company. Here the main character starts out not as Gail but new character Maggie, and Gail & other characters from the previous games are re-introduced as the story progresses. The pace of this episode is a little slow, deliberately, as the story (& mystery) unfolds & deepens as the story progresses thru each episode. This first episode is mostly an intro for the new characters & the lore of the game universe, & it sets up events for the new storyline. That being said, the ending is quite surprising! The new series has an improved game engine & UI from the first series; inventory & using items is much more straight forward, & the option to run instead of just walking is fantastic. I also think the general level design is better, simply due to more experience on the dev's part, and I thought using the class tests to refresh/explain game lore was quite clever.. that one achievement that made you have to restart the entire game

Release Notes 1.33 - Achievements : Hello everyone, finally I was able to implement the consquistas in the game. I have created some in key points of the journey. I also fixed some minor bugs, and improved the lighting in some phases. Remembering that even released I'm still working to polish the game even more.. The Princess Adventure Update Notes 1.36 : - Correction of some bugs. Attention: I momentarily deactivated the achievements, because the module that releases with the Steam API (third-party module) is not working properly, and it is the one that is causing the problem to start in Windows 10, forcing the game to close. As soon as I decide to launch a new update releasing the achievements.. Release Notes for version 1.3 : Good afternoon people, today I announce the release of version 1.3 of the game, I am quite happy to say that the game is complete, with everything I imagined from the beginning. The game is fully functional, with all phases, enemies and finally sound effects. Fix several bugs before this version, so much that I have already published 2 version after 1.0, almost the same day, but I believe that everything is now ok. If any errors appear, I will try to correct them as soon as possible. And to celebrate I'm starting a promotion with 10% discount, in case you have not got it yet is a good chance to test the news. I hope you enjoy the game, and you can leave your opinions, which I will be very happy to answer.. Update Sep. 25th, 2018 : Now the process name of the game(Return.exe) will be displayed normally in the Task Manager. The screen now pans slightly faster. Fixed an issue where moving platforms would cause player character to get stuck in terrain. Now when the player character jumps, it will be marked in progress bar on the top of the screen.. Return. now available on Steam : Hello everyone. We're glad to introduce you 'Return.', a short platformer developed by Breadmeat. The game is free to play, but there is an option to purchase the game at the price of $0.99(USD). Check out the 'Donationware' DLC on the store page. By purchasing the Donationware, you can financially support us and 'pin' the game to your library. There's no difference in the content provided in the Free version and Donationware, so please feel free to decide whether or not to buy it. Thank you very much.. Update Notes 1.002 : Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the game. I just posted the first update to fix some issues. As the following: Messages can now be skipped. Boxes are dragged more easily. I improved the speed of the princess not to run too much. The daggers no longer collide with items and coins. Soon I will release new updates with improvements and new maps.. Official PsychoFlux Community Discord server opened! : Hello there! We're glad to announce that the PsychoFlux Community Discord server just opened yesterday! Jump in right now; let's just hang out! To join the server, type Discord dot GG, slash PsychoFlux on your browser, or just simply click this link: Oh, and perhaps you might grab a chance to talk directly with the developers of our games. so come and check it out.

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