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The Bell Chimes For Gold Usb Download

The Bell Chimes For Gold Usb Download

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About This Game

Maria is a plain old herbalist training diligently under the watc 5d3b920ae0

Title: The Bell Chimes for Gold
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Sekai Project
Release Date: 6 Apr, 2018


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This is a simplified, all-ages version of an erotic otome visual novel (you can find the 18+ version on Denpasoft store), about a talented herbalist in a small fantasy town, trying to find a husband after being dumped by her mentor. Still, it's not low-effort conversion with just h-scenes removed, but a general revamp, with a heavily modified and much gentler story. In the original game, the protagonist is arguably being abused by her lovers in most, if not every route, here everything is highly toned down and generally cute. The game has an interesting, retro-inspired artstyle, which I personally liked a lot, although many people find it ugly, especially when it goes to male characters - they're all grizzled, middle-aged men and some of them look properly nasty. The protagonist is meant to be rather average, but I really like her design and personality - she's pretty behind her humble style and kind, but courageous and assertive whenever it's necessary. The bachelors are all shady types with huge issues, but they grow throughout their routes and become better people thanks to the aid the protagonist gives them. All arcs are rather linear and straightforward, but fun in their own ways. You can, BTW, romance all five of the bachelors in one playthrough, with no need to start over - I even think it's the game's canon that Maria ends with five husbands. The game has simple dungeon crawling gameplay, to which the story progression is tied - you explore dungeons with one of the romanceable heroes as your bodyguard, earning money and finding potion ingredients. You then use all that to pay off heroes' debts, unlocking new story content with him, up to becoming a couple. The progression is pretty simple and if you invest heavily in one hero (there's no need to switch between them after taking each to a dungeon for the first time and unlocking their routes), after a few hours of gameplay he'll become virtually invincible. This, however, turns the whole game into a bit of a monotonous grind. With no time limit or real penalty for losing in a dungeon, it'll take only your patience and a basic understanding of the mechanics to farm enough money and unlock all the story (and yeah it does get pretty boring). In the end, I still quite enjoyed this game - if you can see past its bizarre, smartphone aspect ratio and the aforementioned grind, its a very pleasant distraction for one or two evenings. Not especially deep or involved, but fun and unusual enough to be worth experiencing. Also, the 18+ version always remains an option, allegedly featuring tougher gameplay and a much darker story. And either way, I recommend giving The Bell Chimes for Gold a chance, especially with the fandisk's translation successfully funded on Kickstarter.

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