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Original Title: The Bourne Legacy

Genge: Action,Adventure,Thriller












































Aaron Cross, a new hero, experiences life-or-death stakes that have been triggered by previous events.
A reporter of The Guardian that is writing articles about the Operations Treadstone and Blackbriar is murdered and the American Senate Committee investigates the participation of the CIA directors and responsible for the programs. CIA Director Ezra Kramer summons the retired USAF Colonel Eric Byer to clean the mess and he discovers a Youtube video with the responsible for the Treadstone and Outcome Operations together in a public event. Eric Byer decides to shutdown the Outcome Operation, a defense program that uses green and blue pills to enhance the physical and mental capabilities of the agents since the Senate investigation would certainly discover the connection between the operations. Byer orders to kill the Outcome agents, including Aaron Cross that is training in Alaska, using a drone to track a sensor implanted in Aaron's leg, but he puts the device in a wolf that is destroyed. Byer believes that Cross is dead and he uses Dr. Donald Foite to kill his colleagues in the research center; however Dr. Marta Shearing flees from the attempt and survives. When Dr. Shearing is attacked by CIA killers in her house, Aaron Cross saves her expecting to get the pills. Soon Cross learns that he does not need the green pills anymore, only the blue ones, and he travels with Dr. Shearing to the Philippines, where the blue pills are manufactured. When Byer finds that they are in the Philippines, he sends an assassin to hunt them down.
With Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass apparently done with the world of Jason Bourne (although they both returned this year), franchise screenwriter Tony Gilroy, also on directorial duty here, attempts to expand on the universe further with the fourth entry into the series, The Bourne Legacy. While the first three focused on Bourne's battle with the CIA's top-secret agencies' attempts to hunt him down to save themselves embarrassment and exposure, Legacy unravels the rippling effect the amnesiac's antics has on those at the top-level, as well as the other assassins who were usually a text message away from going toe-to-toe with him.

One of these assassins is Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross, who we meet early on alone in the Alaskan wilderness on a training exercise that requires him to take dangerous leaps between snow-laden rocks, ensuring he doesn't become dinner for a pack of wolves, and other harsh survival activities. These early scenes are full of promise, as Cross drops the meds key to his super-humanness and draws out fellow operative (played by Oscar Isaac) in the hope of re-upping on his supplies. They are quick to realise something is wrong when their hut is obliterated by a tooled-up drone. The attack is one of many on operatives trained under the Treadstone, Blackbriar and Operation Outcome programs, as Eric Byer (Edward Norton), an ex-Air Force colonel, is hired to clean up the mess uncovered by Bourne and journalist Simon Ross (Paddy Considine).

Cross's escape and quest to find more magic pills puts him on the trail of biochemist Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz), a good doctor who manufactures the drugs that enhance his skills and who he has encountered before in the past. A mass murder-suicide at the laboratory leaves her as the sole survivor, and Cross conveniently jumps in at just the right time as she is attacked at her home by agents posing as psychologists. Every occurrence in these films seem to be the handiwork of a tie-wearing, craggy-faced puppet-master at the top of the CIA, and one of the main joys of Jason Bourne's adventures was seeing him take revenge on the men and women working outside of the law, and those responsible for turning him into an emotionless terminator who carries out multiple killings. Legacy's main issue is that Cross's mission to find a fix removes the personal and redemptive elements in favour of a McGuffin that the film spends a lot of time trying to explain.

In the early scenes, Renner demonstrates precisely why he was hired to take over from Damon, delivering a chattier, more human protagonist with even a hint of maliciousness. Renner brings the same unpredictable physicality that won him Oscar nominations for The Hurt Locker (2008) and The Town (2010), and his dialogue with Isaac is by far the best moment of the film. Yet as the film goes on, his personality all but vanishes, choosing instead to have him play the one-dimensional action hero, leaping between buildings and occasionally beating someone to the ground. It's a terrible waste, and his character would have been served better if so much time wasn't invested in scientific gobbledegook explaining why he must get from A to B. There's a couple of reasonably entertaining action scenes here and there and Norton does slimy incredibly well, but the brute nature of Greengrass's aesthetic is sorely missing, and, despite the title, The Bourne Legacy fails to distinguish itself from any other film on the action movie conveyor belt. This was a huge, essentially plot less disappointment: zero intrigue, zero character/relationship development, zero point, very little suspense, and empty dialogue. Renner and Weisz carried the entire thing, but outside of liking them I cared little or nothing for the "characters" or the "story."

What made Jason Bourne so compelling was that he was completely lost and there were strangers trying to kill him - a double nightmare loaded with action, mystery, and suspense. Further, we cared about him not only because his situation was scary and he was frightened, but because he was also repenting and struggling with what he was and did while brain washed at Treadstone. Aaron Cross and Dr. Shearing however are two characters of little interest simply running for their lives from the government they were working for. Aaron Cross in fact, as per a scene with Ed Norton, could be considered a ready and willing villain! He's not trying to get his life back, or get out of the business, or clear his conscience, he's just a killer that wants to stay smart (remain on enhancement meds) and not get killed. There's nothing to figure out, no ending to arrive at, and therefore nothing to follow, connect to, or really care about.

This movie was total bore that simply rode on its loose association to the far superior Bourne Trilogy. The new movie continues the "Bourne" tradition of exciting, reality-based thrillers, but when the series lost its star it lost most of is soul. [13 & 20 Aug. 2012, p.96]
While black ops operative number 5, Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), is field training in Alaska, the CIA decides to shut down its Outcome Operation and eliminate all their genetically-enhanced assets. When they try to terminate Cross, he goes on the run, just like former CIA Treadstone agent Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) did two years previously. The problem is that Aaron needs meds to keep up his physical and mental acuity, so he seeks out Dr Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz), who worked with him at the beginning. When someone also makes an attempt on Marta's life, she and Aaron both run to Manila in the Philippines where the pills are manufactured, with CIA assassins in hot pursuit. Partly. Unlike the three previous Bourne films, The Bourne Identity (2002) (2002), The Bourne Supremacy (2004) (2002), and The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) (2007), which were based on novels by American author Robert Ludlum [1927-2001], The Bourne Legacy, while using some characters and premises from the novels, is an original story based on a screenplay by American screenwriting brothers Tony and Dan Gilroy. The film is a combination of a sequel and a parallel story (or "sidequel"), setup quite a lot like a spinoff. The film introduces and centers around a new assassin character, however the events during The Bourne Ultimatum are referenced and sometimes seen throughout in the beginning. The movie starts with Aaron Cross in training, while at the same time, Jason Bourne is resurfacing in London, and journalist Simon Ross (Paddy Considine) is assassinated. As Bourne makes his way to New York City, Cross survives several hits on his life when the CIA shuts down most of their secret agent programs. The events of the second half of the movie take place after The Bourne Ultimatum and is the sequel part. Bourne's name features heavily throughout the movie as the story focuses on the intelligence community's response to his actions during The Bourne Ultimatum. During the first half of the movie, Bourne resurfaces in London and New York; after that, he goes missing. Apart from a photo, Bourne himself does not appear and his whereabouts are as yet unknown. Now viraled off his blue pills as well as the greens, Aaron is forced to elude the Manila police when they raid the room where Marta has been treating him. Aaron escapes over the rooftops, closely pursued by Larx-#3 (Louis Ozawa Changchien), while Marta escapes on foot. They meet up in a narrow walkway where the police have cornered Marta, but Aaron is able to overpower them. He and Marta, still pursued by Larx, steal a motorcycle and, after a lengthy chase on the crowded streets of Manila and a bullet to Aaron's leg, manage to escape Larx when he crashes his stolen motorcycle into a pillar on the docks. Marta begs passage on the boat of a Filippo fisherman, paying him with Aaron's gold watch. Meanwhile, back in New York, Noah Vosen (David Strathairn) lies to the Senate, telling them that Pamela Landy (Joan Allen) committed treason by trying to sell Treadstone secrets to the press and by assisting the rogue operative Jason Bourne, the only reason why Blackbriar existed. In the final scene, Aaron and Marta relax on the boat, looking at a map and trying to decide where to go. Yes. Matt Damon reprized his role in Jason Bourne (2016) (2016). Shortly after The Bourne Legacy's release, Universal Pictures confirmed at a media conference in Los Angeles, California, that they had plans to release more Bourne films, despite The Bourne Legacy being given mixed reviews by critics. In a December 2012 interview, Damon revealed that he and Paul Greengrass are interested in returning for the next film as Jason Bourne and the movie's director respectively. Damon was reported as saying that he had not seen Legacy yet, but intended to or would, because he is not only curious to see how it turned out, but because he had enjoyed Jeremy Renner in everything he had seen him. Damon did, however, believe that, if he would return for the next film, Renner would not likely be in it, and it would not have Bourne and Cross joining forces and working together, which indeed turned out to be the case.
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