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Vaccine War Download For Pc

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“Vaccine War” is an action and adventure videogame where the man-to-man, grenade, and firearm combat is a constant. Daniel, the protagonist of the story, battles agains 5d3b920ae0

Title: Vaccine War
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
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Games For Tutti
Release Date: 21 Mar, 2016


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Holy crap this game is bad. The dialogue is laughably awful and cliche'd. The beginning is extremely slow and boring, the controls even on a 360 controller with the duck and cover and aim system all mushed together make you have to hold the most awkward controller positions together. All the enemies look the same, the plot doesn't really make sense or feel believable, and to top it all of there's this menacing stereotypical bad guy all "grrr my evil plans to mess with the city" crap while in a samurai suit of armor. in Spain. in the 1930s. Yeah I'm done.. Was really hoping to like this one. Pixely 3d graphics are awesome and I don't think I've seen a game with this art style ever. Could use a bit more smoothness of animation but thats a minor thing. Too bad the guna and hand to hand combat is clunky and unfun. The dialogue is a bit weird too like english wasnt the writer's language.. I really wanted to recommend this game but I can't. +Graphics look great overall, and the game is nice to look at. +Multiple panel side-scrolling is interesting. -Controls are slugging and not responsive -Player movement is sloppy, for example, you have one guy shooting and you and one guy attacking with the knife, you have to get out of cover first (the character moves very slowly), stab the guy closest to you all the while leaving yourself completely exposed to be shot at (which you will many times). -Most of the sound design is great.except for the footsteps, they are way louder than they need to be and very repetitive. -The "story" is very hard to follow and leaves you guessing where the hell you're supposed to go next. I thought I would take a chance on a game with mixed reviews but I was wrong. The game just isn't worth $8.. I will RE-Buy it when i will be control customisation and when my controllers are supported.. I like the feel of the game, but there are bugs which break the game. My character constantly stops being able to move. . . in a metroid vania, being unable to move laterally is pretty much a death sentence. Meh.. This one was a tough call for me. The music is awesoem. I love the way it changes when youre in combat. The environments are really nice and just pleasant to be in. The story didn't do much for me but it was above average for a videogame I suppose. The graphics are really pretty. I love the way the plants sway back and forth. Little touches like that are great. Unfortunately what brought the game down was the combat. A lot of my attacks didn't connect even though my weapon was right on the guy. Gunplay was slightly better but it seems like it was designed for a controller instead of a gamepad. It also felt like the bad guys barely reacted to being shot which was kindof lame. I wouldn't recommend it at this point but if theres ever a free demo I'd recommend giving it a try.. A unique retro graphics style game with a mature storyline about the Spanish Civil War. As far as 2.5D games go, this one's unique design is one of its highlights. The 8 bit / pixelated look of the characters and some of the environment provide an interesting juxtaposition between the colorful graphics and the more abrasive thematic content of navigating a war-torn city while scoring headshots or knife stabs against enemy infantry. As a fan of For Whom the Bell Tolls, I find the game to be an interesting parallel to that universe somewhat. Full controller support including aiming with the analog sticks to score headshots as you dash between cover to evade enemy fire (think Alien Hominid style.) is practically applied, while the music and sound effects are both well done. The game could use more abilities or unlockables to take it to the next level, and backtracking through previously tread areas can become cumbersome and disorienting (especially when you don't realize there is a path you can press "UP" on to move through the 2D space on a Z axis to traverse a separate X plane, for example.) however what is present is enjoyable if you are into either retro style graphics OR unique military storylines in games, and I would recommend it primarily to fans of either of those tropes. I would suggest looking up unedited gameplay footage of the game as well before pulling the trigger on a purchase, as that should give a quick indication of what to expect. The gameplay is not very complex, but if you find the setting and graphical style appealing, I think you may enjoy your time with it.. Jump Stab, shoot and sprint your retro-Russian across pixelated landscapes. Great music. Interesting setting. Really, really fun!

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