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Will To Live Online Hack

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About This Game

Will To Live Online — MMORPG-shooter with elements of surviving, its story is set in wastelands of the post-apocalyptic world. Player has to explore the large open world, 5d3b920ae0

Title: Will To Live Online
Genre: Action, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Early Access
AlphaSoft LLC
AlphaSoft LLC
Release Date: 5 Apr, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 3100 MHz

English,Russian,German,Simplified Chinese

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I think there should be more guns, attachments and add a FOV slider :D. 20 hours as of now and I'm loving it. Of course there are bugs and misspelled text but devs are active on dealing with this, we'll see if they update quickly or if it's a slow death like most Early Access games. Seems promising with how active they are on steam forums though. A bit lack luster for upgrades, best to stick with pistols so far due ammo costs and weapon skills. Skills are basic, 1 skill point per 5 levels is a bit old school. It's still early, will update this as they update the game.. Ok so final review here, considering I won't even bother with this game anymore. Even after being forced to dump money for in game currency because the servers are all Super dead, unless u wanna get on the russian server . The game is buggy, and the guns do garbo dmg. Npcs with firearms, all have insane aimbots and shoot u through the floor. The loot is near impossible to see, and at night you might as well just take a break, because you won't find any, when you die, you drop a ton of your stuff, normally anything good . Quest items can't be moved out of your bag into the bank, so your forced to eat a ton of slots in your inventory when you only have like 20; So a quest with 5 pickups , plus your weapons, ammo, med packs , food, your inventory is full, can't even loot stuff, Also your lucky if the stuff you carry is not to heavy to loot to begin with. After over 125 hours and being lvl 20/35 the grind is sick, unless you have A TON of time to play this, solo, because there is no one else playing. If you want to waste time get angry, then lose your loot and have to walk 10 minutes to try to get it back then die again, well this might be the game for you. I really want'ed to enjoy this game, but the more i played the worse the game got. Now getting to what seemed to be the last zone, lvl 20+ , Mobs well over 1 shot me, took over 200 rounds to kill , or just get pieced by a bandit through some grass you never saw. So even though I want to say this game is really cool. You're making a mistake buying it. Its just flat junk, There is soo many things that could be fixed that are not, and it makes the game virtually not enjoyable, for anyone who doesn't wanna smash their face into a wall. I also almost forgot to mention some quest npcs seem to be on a 20-50 minute timer, so don't miss one of those loot bags, or you'll be waiting to get another. O right , Pvp, Ya so you get nothing for pvp unless your level 18+ and then you need to pick a faction etc, You need to be in a clan for other perks, and that cost 1 Million tokens if you don't find someone's to join. I also will make a quick mention on the quest text and markers. There is none basically, so you're gonna be searching forums and empty wiki's from long ago because the quests are so vague, half of them are like a coin flip where to go or what to do. So My recommendation has been from a yes buy this 8/10 alot of fun , to a 0/10 and making a hard suggestion you do not bother with this. Even on sale, you're wasting money. Hope this helps, I'm done with it.. In terms of this games level of sovietness all I have to say : It's very soviet

Build 6 - Rivers, Fishing, Abilities & More : Its taken longer than expected with these changes, as I think there was a bit too much taken on for a single update. But here we are at last! Now to try and summarise all of the changes One thing to note first, is that for these changes you will have to create a new world. You can use the same character, but you will not be able to experience the new map unless you do so.. Future - Multiplayer (Online Co-op) : It is still in the early stages of development, but I wanted to share that this is now in progress. I want to share this, so that the community is informed as to what is happening behind the scenes for the time being. Multiplayer development can be problematic and time consuming, so I'm not able to give an ETA just yet. The first form of Multiplayer is likely to be a Co-Op game type with possibly 1-4 players. It will use a Lobby system to help with browsing a list of available games to join. Servers are player hosted through the game itself. Choose an option in game to host and then play while hosting. Please be aware that the above may change during development.. Build 5 - Controls, Halloween & Tweaks : Control System Revamped. Launch Day! : Firstly a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has shown support so far! It's already been so rewarding to get feedback from reviewers or youtubers. Watching people play and seeing how they react has been absolutely fascinating. In around 3hrs time, Early Access will go live on Steam. I've already been watching the discussion boards closely and will continue to answer any questions. Generally, the current build seems fairly stable, but I'll be keeping watch for any bugs that surface.. Happy New Year! Planned Future Update - Build 6 : ()*:.. ..:** Happy New Year everyone! For many reasons, 2016 was a turbulent year, full of shock and bewilderment. I hope that for all of us, 2017 turns out to be a better year. A year full of positive changes without any regrets. 2016 was still an incredibly significant year for Shards of Azuria and the two of us at Blue Potion Games. It has been massively rewarding to see it first successfully go on Steam Greenlight and then be released on Early Access. The reception has been very humbling and reaffirming. It confirms that doing this is worth it. Play testing, youtube videos, streaming, reviews and discussions have made it all an amazing experience. THANK YOU to everyone that has contributed. We will make sure that Shards of Azuria continues to improve as 2017 goes on. Planned Update Build 6 Its been a while since my last post, so I wanted to take the time to give some details on what to expect with a future update. I am expecting the update to be ready sometime during February, but it could extend if more work is required first. So what is expected to be in the update?. Custom Design Revamp I mentioned this in my last post. This is not a decision to take lightly, but I feel is the right one. Procedural generation of map areas is being phased out in favour of custom designing the map areas. So while the world wont look any different each time you create a new one, it should be a higher quality than before. Doing this has meant there have been various development related things need, like a dev only map edit mode. With this change, the current maps are also being revamped in their layout and appearance. Water, Rivers & Fishing Crop Growing New Abilities (Unseen, Mystic Bubble, Brace for Impact, Orb of Light) Queen Bee Boss More equipment/weapons Inventory Sort Button This is merely a summary for now, the rest of the changes will be detailed within the full patch notes when the update comes.. Build 8 (PvP Multiplayer Modes) : Hi all! This build introduces PvP multiplayer modes into the game. Online co-op was already previously added, but there was no way of fighting other players. To clarify, Build 7 only had the "Co-op" multiplayer game type.. Build 5.1 & Future Plans : 5.1 Thoughts. Build 7 - Multiplayer, Halloween & More : Multiplayer (Online Co-op). Build 8 - Fixes : Hi all! An update has been pushed today with some fixes/tweaks for Build 8.. Build 6.2 - Fixes & Changes : Changes:

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